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Tariff 3.0A

1st Page

Invoice heading

  1. Contract holder´s information:
    • Personal information of the contract holder.
      Registered address.
      Associated CHC Energía customer number.
  2. Point of supply information.
    • Associated contract account number of the supply.
      Specific data of each invoice.
  4. The information of the invoice recipient:
    • Name and address of the person the invoice is addressed to.
  5. Information of the sales branch office.

Consumption summary

  1. Total payable:
    • Summary of the amount payable.

Consumption history

  1. History the customer´s consumptions and average consumptions.
  2. Relevant information for customers.

Contact data (claims and breakdowns)

  1. Contact information for complaints and supply malfunctions.

2nd Page


  1. Invoiced consumption period.
  2. Contractual data of the installation.


  1. Consumption:
    • Separated into three periods, the same as the readings. kWh consumed * price in € of the kWh.
  2. Valid discount applied.
  3. Power:
    • KW contracted * price in €/(KW*day) * days of consumption.
  4. Reactive power:
    • Extra power that some installations require for their operation. When the reactive power demanded is above a certain % of the active power consumed, this excess reactive energy has to be paid. This term is measured in KVArh.
  5. Tax on electricity:
    • This is a regulated term.
  6. Equipment rental.
  7. Total electricity:
    • Sum of all previous concepts without VAT.

Total amount payable

  1. Total payable:
    • Amount obtained in the "Total electricity" section + the VAT applicable at the time.
  2. Breakdown of consumption:
    • Separated into active power consumption, reactive power consumption and power. Each concept is divided, in turn, into P1 (peak), P2 (flat rate) and P3 (off-peak).
  3. Regulated terms.

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