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Bill 2.1DHA

1st Page

 Invoice heading

  1. Contract holder´s information:
    • Personal information of the contract holder.
      Registered address.
      Associated CHC Energía customer number.
  2. Point of supply information.
    • Associated contract account number of the supply.
      Specific data of each invoice.
  4. The information of the invoice recipient:
    • Name and address of the person the invoice is addressed to.
  5.  Information of the sales branch office.

Consumption summary

  1. Total payable:
    • Summary of the amount payable.

Consumption history

  1. History the customer´s consumptions and average consumptions.
  2.  Relevant information for customers.

Contact data (claims and breakdowns)

  1. Contact information for complaints and supply malfunctions.

2nd Page


  1. Invoiced consumption period.
  2. Initial, end and total readings for the invoiced period,
    • separated in two periods: P1 (peak) and P2 (off-peak).
  3. Contractual data of the installation.
  4. Electricity
    • Detail of concepts invoiced, separated in two periods: P1 (peak) and P2 (off-peak) after applying the current discount.

Total amount payable

  1. Total payable:
    • Amount obtained in the "Total electricity" section + the VAT applicable at the time.
  2. Regulated terms.

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