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In companies

Given the overall situation, companies are trying to greatly reduce their expenses and at CHC Energía we want to help you to save energy in your business. We will carry out an assessment of the ideal power for tariffs 3.0A and 3.1A, as a result of which you will make significant savings on the amount of your bill. In addition, our commercial representatives can make you a personalised offer to significantly reduce the amount of your bill.

We will provide you with some simple guidelines which, by applying them to your consumption habits, will allow you to make significant savings to your business expenses, resulting in an increase in profit:

  • Raise the awareness of employees and create an energy saving business culture.
  • Turn off the lights in all rooms that are not being used and take advantage of sunlight (which is free).
  • Use LED bulbs - their consumption is much lower.
  • Install presence detectors in transit areas to turn off lights automatically when there are no people.
  • As for electrical appliances, namely computers, at the end of the day you should unplug all equipment, or even turn off the socket strips to which they are connected, as they will all continue to consume energy even if they are switched off.
  • Correct use of the heating and air conditioning, increasing and decreasing the temperature by one degree. It is considered that temperatures of between 19 and 21º in winter and 24 and 26º in summer offer the best ratio between comfort and energy saving in the home.
  • Application of time-of-day electricity rates. Use night rates for carrying out certain production processes that generate large energy costs.

The possibilities for making real industrial energy savings are varied. And the consequence of doing this is direct income in the profit and loss account of the company.

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