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Reference prices

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The best power at the best price

With CHC Energía, you can find about the prices on your electricity bill, with total transparency and no small print. For us, it is important that you have the information first-hand.

The price of your electricity bill has two main components:

  • Contracted power: Amount corresponding to the amount of energy that you have contracted.
  • Consumption: This amount relates to energy consumption.

Current prices

The following table shows the prices for power contracted for your electricity supply.

These are the reference prices on the open market for CHC Energía for consumption at April, 1, 2019.

Access tariff Power contracted (kW) Price of Power Price of Consumption (€/kWh)
P1 (€/kW/día) P2 (€/kW/día) P3 (€/kW/día) P1 (Punta) P2 (Valle/Llano) P3 (Valle)
2.0A >0 y <=3 0,131626 0,139684 - -
>3 y <=10 0,115187 0,139684 - -
2.0DHA < 10 0,131626 0,166453 0,073789 -
2.1A >10 y <=15 0,121766 0,157434 - -
2.1DHA >10 y <=15 0,121766 0,189316 0,090189 -
3.0A >15 0,111586 0,066952 0,044634 0,140352 0,125611 0,90475


However, if you need more information about prices according to your contracted power, you can go to any of our commercial offices and an adviser can help you find out the tariff type and power that your power supply currently has and whether this is ideal for your consumption habits. Find your nearest CHC office by just entering your post code on our website.

If you want, you can consult the reference prices in the free market for previous quarters.

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