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Oferta Confianza Avanzada (Negocios)

  • -5% of discount on your price of energy

  • >10kW and ≤15kW contracted power

CHC Energía understands the importance of your business. It's what makes you get up every morning, what drives you and, occasionally, prevents you from sleeping ... At CHC Energía we want you to concentrate your energies on what you really need, without worrying about where you can save money. We propose a relationship that is clear and close, honest and open.

Businesses with a contracted power rating of 10 kW and less than or equal to 15 kW

Because for us what really matters is that you save on your electricity bill. For this reason, the customers of the Advanced Trust Plan already enjoy a 5% discount on their energy consumption. Businesses with a contracted power rating of 10 kW and less than or equal to 15 kW are already saving on their electricity bill.


Confianza avanzada 5% discount on their energy consumption
Contracted power (kW) >10 kW  and ≤ 15 kW
Price without tax/ Price with Tax Price without tax  Price with Tax
Price of Power (€/kW/month) 3.703726 4,710634
Price of Power (€/kW/day) 0.121766 0,154447
Access tariff 2.1A
P1 (Peak) 0,144881 0,184269
P2 (Off-peak/Flat rate) -
P3 (Off-peak) -

Net prices with discount applied it includes the electricity tax (5,11269632%) and VAT (21%)

Take advantage of discounts right now


The offer does not imply any commitment of permanence.

The table shows the price for the power term in accordance with the prices published in the Official State Gazette (BOE):

  • Deviations of power and reactive power, where applied, will be calculated in accordance with the current legislation and reflected in the corresponding bills.
  • Connection rights deriving from the contracted power are not included in the prices offered.
  • The cost of renting the measuring equipment transferred to us by the distribution company will be reflected in the bills.

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