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Smart meter

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Smart meters are energy meters, which will gradually replace all traditional electricity meters. These old types of counters will be obsolete, by virtue of the convenience that the time-of-day rates system presents and which can only be contracted by having a smart meter. Another of their benefits is that they provide a reading of the consumption. It will not be necessary for a distributor to go to take readings, as they will be carried out automatically.

Features of the new smart meters

A smart meter is a digital device that makes it possible to make much more detailed enquiries about the consumption of each electrical connection. In this plan, it benefits companies tremendously that decide to change their meters for smart meters. If you install a smart meter in your home, this will also allow you to reliably know your consumption during different periods of the day. In this way, you will have the information necessary to know whether you should reduce your electricity bill by contracting time-of-day rates, in which you adapt your hours of consumption based on information collected by the smart meter.

How do the new models of smart meter come?

You can check that your smart meter comes shielded from the factory, to avoid any manipulation that can, in many cases, result in greater expenses for you, as account holder of the electricity connection.

What is the safest way of acquiring smart meters?

The best alternative is to check the feasibility with your energy supplier of installing these new smart meters. That way, you can be certain that your smart meter is appropriate for your contract and billing system. Although the quality of the smart meters that are freely sold is good, the safe, most economic way is buy the model of smart meter endorsed by your energy supplier.

In addition to these advantages, smart meters allow a fast, convenient solution of incidents, both for you and for your electricity supplier.

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