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Energy certificate

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Since June 1, 2014, an energy certificate has been compulsory for all types of houses for sale or rental. This is an essential document for carrying out these transactions, the absence of which will lead to significant fines for owners.

The energy certificate sets a uniform valuation on the level of CO2 emission in relation to the dimensions and characteristics of each building. In this way, the future owner or tenant knows beforehand and can compare the energy efficiency of that property against others.

Energy certificates are based on a scale of seven levels, represented by letters from A to G. This indicator expresses the energy that the building consumes annually in normal conditions. In this way, it considers your energy needs for heating and lighting comfort (lighting, ventilation, heating, cooling, etc.) and meeting your domestic hot water needs.

To be specific, the ratio applied by these energy certificates is the ratio between the kilograms of CO2 and square metres of floor space of the house. The best rating is an A, which expresses a result lower than 6.8 kg CO2/m2 annually, while the worst reference is a G.

Compulsory for all types of houses for sale or rent

Specialist, certified professionals are responsible for providing this energy certificate service, which all buildings that are going to be sold or rented must have before the completion of the transaction. There is not a flat rate for carrying out this service. Each company applies the rate that it considers appropriate for supplying this compulsory energy certificate, which has a duration of 10 years. In any event, owners have to present and hand over their energy certificate before the sale or rental transaction, never after finalising it. In the event of failing to meet this legal requirement, the law determines fines that run from three hundred euros up to six thousand euros in the most serious cases.

The energy certificate opens the doors to the real, objective possibility of comparing the energy efficiency of different houses in which you may be interested, which, in the long term, is a big step towards energy improvement.

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