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Application for your electricity contract

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CIDE HCENERGIA, S.A. is a member of the Consumer Arbitration System in Spain for resolving any possible conflicts between the energy service and its customers.

I think that my reading is incorrect, i have not used that much

  • Check the actual reading on your meter and compare it to the reading on the bill.
  • Check your historic consumption in years past. The comparison must be made using the total kWh billed, not on prices, as these may have varied. If your consumption habits have not changed, your consumption curve will evolve in a similar way.
  • Check that the meter is operating correctly. Disconnect the entire electrical installation and, after 10 minutes, check that your meter has not recorded any consumption. You can make sure by requesting the distribution company for a verification.

I do not agree with the price applied in the bill

In this case, we recommend that you look at the specific conditions of the service that you contracted.

Bear in mind that, by being in the free market, you are paying prices set in the specific conditions based on the supplies and/or services that you have contracted. These prices may vary when there is a change in the cost of one of the components that have been taken into consideration for setting them and which are beyond the control of the parties (for example, access tolls, acquisition prices for power in the organised production markets, power supply warranty, losses, reactive power, etc.).

The general conditions of a CHC Energía contract are common for any of the existing contract modalities in the free market. General conditions of a CHC Energía contract.

Change of account holder, address for sending correspondence or contracted power

If you want to change the address for sending correspondence, the contract holder, the conditions contracted or make any other modification, please go to the Modify Contract section.

Paying an outstanding invoice or splitting the payment, confirming payment from the current account, sending your bill, duplicate bill

For any related enquiries, remember that you can contact your nearest commercial representative.

If you do not know who your commercial representative is, you can find it on your bill:

Queries about Seguro Tranquilidad?

If you have any queries or doubts about Seguro Tranquilidad, click here.

If you have any queries about how Seguro Tranquilidad works, and you have no incident to report, contact your CHC Energy Representative via the telephone number on the top right hand corner of your bill. We would be more than happy to help you.

In the event of an incident, call free of charge: 900 848 847

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