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Consumer Arbitration System

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Consumer Arbitration System

The Consumer Arbitration System is an out-of-court mechanism that acts with total impartiality, independence and confidentiality in a quick, simple, effective, and free of charge manner for the customer.

In which locations does it apply?

It is applicable to the entire national territory, being limited to the regional and national arbitration boards.

To which issues is the arbitration system applicable with CIDE HCENERGIA?

Disputes with CIDE HCENERGIA on matters relating to the liability of the marketing company such as personal care, contracting, invoicing and collections of electric power bills may be submitted to arbitration.

Arbitration would therefore exclude all matters in which the liability rests with the distributor as for example: high and low peaks in supply, the regular review and inspection of the installations, the transport of the energy and the quality and disruption of the supply, the readings and the calibration of the measuring equipment, as well as any other activity carried out by the energy distribution companies.

All claims in excess of € 3,000 are also excluded.

When should you use the arbitration system with CIDE HCENERGIA?

To use the Consumer Arbitration System, the holder of the electricity supply must have previously filed a claim to CHC Energía, through any of the channels that we have available to our customers:

A written document addressed to our head office located at C/ Capitán Haya 1, 3º Sur. 28020 Madrid.

As well as by means of the independent claim sheets available in the network of branch offices that CIDE HCENERGIA has available to its customers.

If after 30 calendar days as from the date of the filing of the claim, the discrepancy persists about the aforementioned cases (relating to the liability of the marketing company), the customer may make use of the Consumer Arbitration System.

How can one start the Consumer Arbitration System?

The Consumer Arbitration System procedure is started by the electricity contract holder filing an Arbitration Request with the National Consumer Arbitration Board or otherwise with the Regional Arbitration Boards directly.

One can obtain the arbitration request document at the following link:

What are the steps to be followed with the Consumer Arbitration System of CIDE HCENERGIA?

  • Filing by the customer of the arbitration request with the National Consumer Arbitration Board or the different Regional Arbitration Boards.
  • The Arbitration Board that receives this document shall ascertain that it meets all the requirements:
    • That the issue of the dispute relates to the liability of the marketing company HCENERGIA CIDE.
    • That the contract holder may have filed a claim using any of the channels made available for this purpose by CIDE HCENERGIA and that 30 calendar days may have passed from the date of filing.
    • That the claim amounts to less than 3000 euros.
  • The Consumer Arbitration Board will try to make the parties reach an agreement prior to the hearing of the dispute by the Arbitrators insofar as neither of the parties may have expressed their opposition to this arbitration.
  • If agreement is reached, the process is terminated with a reconciliation award, which has the same effectiveness as a court sentence.
  • If no agreement is reached through arbitration, the Consumer Arbitration Board will appoint an arbitrator or an arbitration association to hear the dispute (gathering all the documentation, arguments, evidence, etc.)
  • Finally it hands down a resolution called an award, which resolves the dispute and as well as the reconciliation award that has the effects of a court ruling.
  • For further information, please refer to the Consumer Arbitration System webpage.

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