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Application for your electricity contract


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CIDE HCENERGIA, S.A. is a member of the Consumer Arbitration System in Spain for resolving any possible conflicts between the energy service and its customers.

Before making a claim/complaint, click here.

All of our customers are entitled to communicate their dissatisfaction with our services.

First and foremost, we care about our customers and their satisfaction.p>

What steps do i need to take?

Where do i put my claim/complaint?

We have the following channels for you to send us your claims/complaints.

Mode Where
In person CHC offices
By post Departamento Reclamaciones C/ Poeta Joan Maragall (antigua Capitán Haya), 1, 3º Sur - 28220 - Madrid
By e-mail
By free phone 900 813 745
Online form In the Claims/Complaints section on our website.

How long will it take to receive a reply?

Claims/complaints are responded to in a term not of not more than 15 working days from the date of receipt, except where indicated otherwise. The reply aims to inform you of any actions undertaken to resolve the claim/complaint. This reply does not imply the immediate solution of an incident, as on many occasions they may require actions where the time required exceeds the time set to provide a response. A claim/complaint will be closed one month after the last reply by CHC Energía, provided evidence of a discrepancy has not been received for the solution provided.

Tell us about your claim/complaint

Help us to improve. You can contact us by filling in the form below. If you prefer, you can also do so at a CHC Energía office in your town or by phone on 900 813 745.

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Contract details


Contact details

Disagreement about the attention of the staff. Disagreement about quality and continuity of supply. The Distributor in the area whose installations are connected to the client's premises is responsible for this type of claims. In addition, the customer can claim to CHC Energía, who on behalf of the customer will send the claim to the Distributor to respond to the breach of their obligations regarding quality and continuity of supply. Disagreement about the process of change of electricity trading company. Disagreement with data appearing in the contract (tariff, power, etc.); Delay in contractual modification. Disconformity due to incorrect cutting or delay in the execution of the reclosing. Disagreement due to incorrect billing, lack of billing or errors in charges. Disagreement with the operation of the meter, with the readings or with the counters assigned. Disagreement about billed prices or lack of clarity in the invoice. Any other nonconformity not related to the previous ones


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